Coaching with Janet L. Whitehead


Learn  a variety of creative, innovative and imaginative tools and opportunities that help you find your strengths, your courage, the direction you truly want to go, and your uniquely curious ways to get to those things that matter to you. Includes: feeling good about yourself now.


Access your 'right brain' abilities that hold the answers to taking your life to new levels, while ensuring the practical left brain gets involved to bring those answers into reality. It's a whole brain approach. Imagine that: You can write that book.  You can invent a new career. Your dreams actually are achievable.


Heal:  You will discover life long tools that will help you heal, make changes -whether planned or unplanned, and get through difficult times.  Although I've been using these tools for years, and teaching, coaching, and practising this creative way of coaching for 8 years, I had the opportunity to use what I know to the extreme as I healed from cancer the past few years. These tools were a blessing, and I am dedicated to sharing these creative ways of healing with others.

So, here's the facts: You're so full of potential it's crazy. I have thought-shifting, empowering and, dare I say, enjoyable, tools and coaching expertise to share. Let's put some wind in those sails of yours! If it all sounds a little too weird, tell your left brain that there is plenty of brain science involved. 

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A 6 week very creative and fantastical course that'll give you life long tools to support you through calm water, creative craziness and stormy seas.


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Let's get you sailing!

The Tall Ship Metaphor

A Tall Ship, well captained and crewed is an extraordinary metaphor for how to live life well. 

I know this because I've trained as a sailor on a Tall Ship. It was a dream come true. You can have some of those too




What my clients say, and I am so grateful

"...Janet Whitehead understood me immediately.  In her life coaching practice, she had seen people just like me (only uniquely different) all the time and had known how to move them from being stuck toward making changes in their lives that were more in tune with their inner needs and talents.  In short, she understood the problem of being highly imaginative and creative, but being stuck in a job that really wasn’t paying attention to those aspects, or utilising those peculiar characteristics in any meaningful way.  She nailed the nub of my problem.  It was that I was being technical in my work, but not getting to use all of my considerable imaginative, creative and innovative powers. Beyond diagnosis, what separated Janet’s style of coaching was that she had useful and immediate solutions,..."
 Michael Topic, U.K. : artist, writer, musician, I.T. specialist, innovator. Please click over to the full blog post to understand specifically how coaching worked for Michael.

"Everyone should have a Janet in their lives. In fact, she should be made compulsory in schools. Janet is the magical sparkle that reminds us we are children who still want, and need, to play. She is the gentle breeze that whispers us into action, and the gale force wind that keeps us in it. She is so much more than a coach: wise, loving, inspirational, funny. In the time we have been working together I have finished a novel (ahead of schedule) and transformed my inner critics into a crew of friends and supporters. This work is not only valuable but vital to a healthy, happy life. If a bottle of Janet was available at my local store, I would be buying her by the crate load!  With much appreciation and thanks, Lisa"  

Lisa Stromme, Author. Norway.

"This is one of the best things I've ever done to discover my 'Self'. There's almost a magic feeling to Janet's sessions that's left me the most focused, creative and BOLD that I've ever been. Thanks to Janet I feel like the magic just keeps flowing and I'm taking fearless steps toward the life that I"ve always dreamed of." 
Joey McGarry, Joy Factory Films, British Columbia


"Finding a very different way of looking at my illness, and finding powerful ways to lift my spirits throughout, made such a difference for me. I am this much better because I discovered strength and courage and compassion for myself that I did not know I had before. Janet, thank you for helping me find that."  
Louise M, California


The "Make It Easier" Fund::  I'm setting aside 5% of my earnings to an unofficial, unregistered,
"Make it Easier" Fund to help others who have a critical illness and little financial support be better able to get through that difficult time more easily,by providing coaching support and financial assistance. Intentions for the percentage to grow, just some leeway as I get settled after those few years of major changes. Thank you for your support!